Jonix CUBE

The Jonix CUBE is a sleek, small white gadget that is easily the most striking air purifier in the market today.

When compared to other chunky, more functional looking devices, the Jonix CUBE would proudly be displayed in a restaurant, a commerical kitchen, living rooms or even business offices.

All it takes is a touch of the button for the Jonix CUBE to begin its process of removing tiny pollutants, bacteria, mould, viruses, and unpleasant odours – there’s no need for fiddling with filters and there are no expensive parts to replace.


Jonix CUBE is an air purification device; designed with advanced technology of cold plasma to remove bacteria, molds, viruses, pollutants and odours. Air pollution has a direct effect on our body’s vital functions and our ability to stay healthy.

CUBE creates ideal conditions for the body, giving people:

  • An improvement in their state of health
  • Bringing relief from breathing difficulty symptoms to allergic and asthmatic people
  • Optimizes respiratory functions in all people
  • Improves vital functions
  • Increases oxygen absorption by the body.

CUBE protects against microbial contamination carried in the air in all areas with high transit of people and in crowded rooms.  It is ideal for restaurants and kitchens, to remove unwanted odours and toxins.


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