PolyScience Polypropylene Balls for Sous Vide

Blanket of balls $221.00 + gst

Polypropylene is lightweight and an excellent electrical insulator.  It has a hard, very smooth surface that prevents bacteria and resists chemical corrosion.

  • The spheres float on the surface of liquid in open tank and thereby greatly reduce the exposed liquid surface area – up to 90%.
  • Dramatically diminish objectionable fumes and odours.
  • A blanket of spheres also insulates heated liquid reducing evaporation and heat requirements.
  • Spheres are hollow and will float on any liquid. Being smooth they ensure a much tighter surface cover.
  • Polypropylene, non-toxic and able to withstand continuous working temperatures of 110° C (230°F).

Payment as per customer terms. Freight to be charged if applicable. Warranty 12 months manufacturer parts.



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Additional Information

Diameter (mm)Average weight (g)Number per m²
Open Surface1 layer 75mm balls
Average Surface Temperature °C90 70 5090 70 50
Percentage energy; saving- - -75% 71% 65%
Evaporation litres/m²h13.05 4.97 1.451.67 0.41 0.14
Percentage evaporation saving- - -87% 91% 90%
Test Tank Dimensions600mm(W) x 1850mm(L) x 1000mm(H)600mm(W) x 1850mm(L) x 1000mm(H).

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