White Pacojet Beaker Lid

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The white pacojet beaker lid is designed and intended for helpful & practical improvement in terms of visual organisation of your kitchen.

Colour definitions according to Food Safety Guidelines and best practices in Australia (except for the colour gold):

  • White = dairy, eggs, cheese, patisserie, etc.
  • Yellow = poultry
  • Blue = fish
  • Red = red meat
  • Green = herbs, vegetables, fruit
  • Gold = designed for special contents of high value and/or signature items i.e. black truffles, caviar parfait, etc.

These beaker lids are compatible with the Pacojet and Pacojet 2 systems.


We have all the equipment you need to whip up a feast. From top-quality chrome steel beakers to the precision pacotizing blade, all components of the Pacojet system are highly calibrated and durable.

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White Pacojet Beaker Lid

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