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air purifier for workplaces and homes
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Air cleaners and purifiers can filter the air you and your family/colleagues breathe. They remove particles such as dust, allergens, odours and smoke from your indoor environment. The air purifier then returns cleaner air to the room.

JONIX is an air purification system designed with advanced technology of cold plasma to remove bacteria, molds, viruses, pollutants and odours. Air pollution has a direct effect on our body’s vital functions and our ability to stay healthy.

JONIX air purifiers create ideal conditions for the body, giving you:

  • improvements in the state of your health
  • relief from breathing difficulty symptoms if you suffer from allergies and/or asthma
  • optimised respiratory functions for everyone
  • improved vital functions
  • increased oxygen absorption by the body

JONIX is the best purification system in the world as it only changes the air we breathe, it adds nothing but purity. All common unwanted smells as well as bacteria and viruses are eradicated within the first 24 hours of use.

JONIX protects against microbial contamination carried in the air in all areas with high transit of people and in crowded rooms. It is therefore ideal for restaurants and kitchens, to remove unwanted odours and toxins.

The benefits to a commercial kitchen…

Kitchens have a pronounced workload and the amount of food smells is overpowering most days. This system will eradicate unwanted smells and leave a clean air residue. In addition, staff breathe air that is more oxygenated. More oxygenated air allows the vascular system to function better meaning staff are less tired and less stressed. Therefore, kitchen staff can work more efficiently and productively and leave to go home in a less tired state.

The benefits to personal households…

In the home, you’ll no longer need to worry about people passing germs to you. This is an especially important point if you have young children in the home who bring home a raft of germs. With common unwanted smells and possibly harmful bacteria and viruses eradicated, this ultimately means less days sick.

Who else would benefit from an air purifier?

Many other environments would greatly benefit from the JONIX range of air purifiers including hospitals, aged care homes and businesses. With both small and large systems available the question is really who wouldn’t benefit from one of these air purifiers?

The answer is no one.

The JONIX cube is the perfect size for small businesses and homes. With the larger, mobile air purifier being great for bigger businesses, hospitals, child care centres and aged care homes.

 To buy an air purifier visit here or give us a call.

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