Pacojet2 Is Being launched In Aged Care

Pacojet2,  the new improved machine, has now finished its trial time and has proved to be more reliable and flexible than the first series.  We attended a Pacojet conference in October last year in Switzerland and learn’t a lot about the new industries that Pacojet is now encountering, such as aged care food service.  For years these facilities have wanted to supply food that once processed into purrees, has the same flavour and aroma profile as the original food, now with the new blades of Pacojet2, this is easy.  Sweet and savoury food can be offered daily with no mess, fuss, or waste.  We will be attempting to contact all aged care facilities over the coming months to provide them with details of how they can step into the future of processed food.  If you need to know more on this subject contact Robert in our office, or on email.