Commercial equipment for kitchens, chefs & restaurants

RELY was established in 2006 by Robert & Lynda Erskine. They expanded their business profile to offer commercial equipment for kitchens, chefs and restaurants. At this time they became exclusive importers for Pacojet. Followed quickly by the Polyscience range (USA) and ICC – (Cooking Concepts – Spain, influenced by Ferran Adria and his peers). Over time, the range has expanded to Food Vacuum machines and Bags, Jonix (air purifiers) and Elmogel (specialised ice cream machines).

RELY chose to be industry specific and these brands, provided a new ‘line’ of food machinery in the kitchen. This allowed Chef’s to be more creative and provide a guaranteed return on investments.

We have been the distributor for Pacojet in Australia since 2007. Launching Pacojet 2 in 2013, Pacojet Junior in 2017 and most recently Pacojet 2plus in 2018. Research and development continues and the Pacojet is becoming accepted as a requirement in most new kitchens.


Rely Culinary Services offer sales and service that is always reliable. We respond to customers’ needs promptly and efficiently. By striving to keep our customers up to date with current technology, we work with them to achieve positive outcomes. All of our sales and machines are supported with; full customer training and diligent after sales service. Our technical support provides our clients with seamless installation and ongoing support.