Removes grease and stains as well as any cleaning product

Scientifically formulated with water, mineral salts & electrochemistry Pureworx™effectively cleans most surfaces.

Pureworx™ has been scientifically tested and proven to reduce bacterial load on all surfaces, clean and degrease.

Pureworx has been independently tested and shown to reduce bacterial load of S.Aureus, E. Coli and S Choleraesuis

Good for the environment. Safe around food, children & sensitive products

Pureworx™ is the smarter cleaning solution, that cares for the environment and your home/business.

It is a biodegradable, natural, good for the earth and non-hazardous mineralized liquid that effectively cleans most surfaces.

The HACCP certified, aqueous cleaning solution is a non-foaming cleaner, degreaser, free of any chemical or abrasive compound, with no fragrance or colour.

Never run out of product with our subscription service

Our customers love Pureworx™ so much, they almost inevitably adopt it as their go to cleaner of choice.

To take the hassle out of ordering and running the risk of running out, we created subscriptions to suit all types.

Whether you run a multi venue restaurant chain, a single small business or even for your home, we have, a packaged or custom subscription to suit you.

A Restaurant Grade Clean