My Sous Vide Pro has stopped working?

Please check that you have not had it working in over temperature.  The system shuts down to prevent damage. Underneath the small panel with the word Polyscience (remove it with a screwdriver. It pops out) there is a small red push button. Press this in, replace the small panel and you machine will work again, if it does not then call our service support.

Who do I call for service?

Frank and Teresa at Rely Repairs and Servicing, will assist you. Call them on 0438 354 669, or email 

Where can I get spare parts?

Rely repairs and servicing. Please refer to our Contact page for details.

How do I change from Fahrenheit to Centigrade on my Polyscience Classic

Press and hold the SETY enter button, until the display reads “units” press set and enter again, turn the knob to decrease the value and you will see the change to Centigrade, press set and enter and the setting will be accepted after a few seconds.

When using Pacojet, i notice my product is always snow not creamy?

This is due to either low sugar or low freezing points.  Increase sugar content, or allow canister to warm slightly.  You could also try to add a small amount of sugar syrup on top of the product before pacotizing, this will ensure a smooth creamy product.