Light Air



LightAir IonFlow removes 97% of airborne viruses

Whether you’re running a business and want to provide the safest environment for staff and customers or want to make your home a haven, LightAir technology is quietly effective



Quiet, efficient and effective

  • Eliminates
    • Dust
    • Traffic pollution
    • Pollen
    • Printer particles
    • Pet allergens
    • Bacteria
    • Mould spores
    • Viruses
  • Low impact
    • Quiet
    • Low power consumption
    • No Ozone emission



Pureworx™ is the smarter cleaning solution, that cares for the environment and your home/business.

It is a biodegradable, natural, good for the earth and non-hazardous mineralized liquid that effectively cleans most surfaces.

Scientifically formulated with water, mineral salts & electrochemistry Pureworx™effectively cleans most surfaces.

The HACCP certified, aqueous cleaning solution is a non-foaming cleaner, degreaser, free of any chemical or abrasive compound, with no fragrance or colour.

Pureworx™ has been scientifically tested and proven to reduce bacterial load on all surfaces, clean and degrease.




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