All About Sous Vide And Rely News

This a first attempt to write a blog- bear with me – as we close in on departure for HOST Milan I am keen to practice my blog skills so attendance at the Show can bring news to readers.

This month as seen the opening of TASTE – a shop with all things culinary – we have aimed to source product that is new, innovative and creative, for both the Chef and home.   A little taste of Taste ware.




The shop is open Thursday, Friday  10am to 3pm, and Saturday 9am to 1pm (this week closing at 12noon so we can all cheer on the CATS !!!).    Extended opening times will happen as summer approaches and the shop can opened for Chefs to visit.

Sous Vide is gaining wide popularity with Chefs and home enthusiasts– following is some informative reading .  Whilst there are many options available for water baths, portable , and bench top units it is the new Sous Vide Professional Chef Series from Polyscience that is gaining popularity.

‘sous vide’ means under pressure

It is  a method of cooking food under pressure – ie. Food that has

been vacuumed,  and cooked at precise temperature in a circulatory water bath.

RELY – Culinary Technology proudly introduce –

Sous Vide PROFESSIONAL Chef Series – a new tool for the Chefs kitchen of efficient design, a small footprint and elegant in appearance.

Specific features of    Sous Vide PROFESSIONAL Chef Series include –

°       Large backlit display for easy reading

°       Compact unit

°       Precise temperature control to within 0.1°

°       Temperature readings available in Celsius or Fahrenheit

°       Control cooking liquid circulation level by easily adjustable pump pressure outlet

°       High-grade stainless steel heating coil and pump ensure lasting, trouble-free performance

°       Flexible – use in the kitchen or catering on location

°       Easy to read instructions

°       ‘Sous Vide Cooking’ Book

°       Protective Travel and Storage bag

°       DVD

Chefs have used scientific equipment to cook ‘sous vide,’ for some time now.

In 2010 Polyscience answered the call and designed the Sous Vide Professional, and in 2011 released the Sous Vide PROFESSIONAL Chef Series.

The design and functionality of this equipment has addressed all the requirements for the Chef – ie. ease of –

°       Use

°       Cleaning

°       Service

The process of sous vide cooking is gaining popularity within the industry.  This method offers the Chef the ability to prepare ahead, regenerate quickly and provide the time to ‘be more creative.’

A word from the manufacturer –

“No vision of tomorrow can be complete without considering the environment. As a global company, we realize everything we do has far-reaching impact. That is why our products are in accordance with RoHS guidelines to eliminate harmful substances like lead and cadmium. Through a consistent effort we’ve decreased energy consumption by 22% over the last two years alone, even though production has increased of thirty percent. Our products are designed to be energy efficient and environmentally-friendly as well. We gladly offer equipment recycling “

The Sous Vide PROFESSIONAL Chef Series fulfills the requirements in today’s busy kitchen by being a working tool that is precise in its temperature control, circulation, and ability to run 24 hours day.  The price point is acceptable and has received positive feedback from the industry and home enthusiast.

Achieve perfect, repeatable results every time




For more information on Sous Vide equipment please email or call 03 93751447