European Product Finding Trip Results

Fine Food in Melbourne, produced some good interest in our full range.  It was good to talk with current and new clients.   All were interested in new ideas and products. we left at the start of October for Europe to attend a very worthwhile conference in Switzerland for Pacojet.  we were informed about many new features that will be coming through soon on the Pacojet2, as well as sitting in on demonstrations about what is trending.  Follow these days we went to Spain and attended Hostelco, to see if we could find anything ‘new’.  It was a hard couple of days, but we did find a few things.  Starting within a month we will sell a range of Chefs micro tongs from Spain.  Details can be sought from Robert on his email or phone number.  We also found a great machine for making Croquettes….very interesting, again if you want more info contact Robert.

Lastly we went to Italy and had great fun sourcing new toys.  More information to come…Stay tuned.