The Advantages Of Sous Vide Cooking

Initially the practice of cooking sous vide at low temperatures for long periods,  was so a lesser cut of meat was made to taste like a superior cut.

The initial benefit, as well as superior taste profile, was the significant cost saving in the use of lesser cuts of meat.

The sous vide method of water circulation, uses small amount of electricity to generate a large quantity of product.

The coming of Modernist Cuisine and the new age Chef phenomenon,  has meant the Chef looks at various ways of working complex foods simply and cost effectively, without destruction of taste and colour profile.

Sous Vide Technology (SVT) now has developed cuisine minute,  which means smaller pieces of food can be cooked very quickly and kept at exact temperatures,  thus meeting service demands.

This technology is an integral part of the modern kitchen, as it alleviates customer flow and stops the bank of orders at busy times, as food is cooked, ready for service and reheating only.

Using sous vide method, allows the Chef time to create,  as they have more time by using technology effectively.

With conventional cooking methods, food can be wasted due to overcooking, cooking too much ahead of time, unexpected reduction in customers.   SVT means you can cook ahead of time because food is in a vacuum state the shelf life is extended greatly and there is no wastage.

Reheating times are much quicker using SVT – thus service is prompt

Using SVT, costs can be saved in food wastage, man hours and good portion control.

Food cooking in this way can be stored in refrigerator for period much extended than food cooked conventionally.

Taking all this into consideration SVT returns its investment in a short period.