Ultrabag – The Flexible Sieve

When using a conventional sieve or chinois to strain foods in the kitchen, there are limitations. The microns of the mesh are often not fine enough and sometimes the sieve just wont fit in the container you want, no matter how hard you try!

Enter – Ultrabag! The Ultrabag is manufactured in Australia from a heat resistant and flexible material and comes in either 100 or 200 microns, making it ideal for preparing consommés and stocks.

The fine mesh will remove more impurities than a traditional sieve allowing for better clarified stocks. When straining fruit and berry purees and nut milks, Ultrabag can remove more seeds and skin, allowing for a smoother overall product.

Because the material is flexible, it will fit in most containers and the heat resistant material will allow for use during cooking – simply place the Ultrabag in a pot of water with the ingredients for your stock inside the bag and when it’s finished cooking, simply lift the bag out of the pot.

It is strong enough to hold the weight of bones and other heavy food items and is easy to clean as it’s dishwasher safe.  It is also very durable and will get much use before needing to be replaced

There are a variety of sizes available in either 100 or 200 micron –

  • 1.3 litre 10 cm bag, 100 micron – ideal for small quantities, fits well in to a jug or small pot
  • 8 litre bag, 100 or 200 micron – this size fits well in larger pots and bowls and is ideal for medium quantities
  • 50 litre stock pot bag, 200 micron – this bag is designed for use in large stock pots and can hold large quantities of food
  • GN1/1 tray bag, 100 or 200 micron  – this bag is fitted with elastic around the edges, rather than handles, so it will fit over a GN1/1 tray
For more information on Ultrabags, contact us at Rely Services.
Written by Kathryn Hill