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Rely Culinary Technology is an Australian company based in Melbourne Victoria. We offer new technology equipment, service and assistance to the industry and have a showroom and test kitchen in Ascot Vale, Melbourne, VIC.

Rely offers a fully equipped testing cold kitchen, which features induction heating, water baths, vacuum cookery, and induction heat assisted blenders and all the equipment for sous vide cooking. By using technology kitchens can be free from flame, hot stoves/ovens, are environmentally positive and comfortable to work in. A small effective kitchen footprint is now available.

Rely News

Rely servicing and repairs has now moved to accommodate its growth.

Rely’s experienced service team of FRANK and TERESA Strangio have started their own business

They will continue to look after RELY servicing, and also offer servicing of ALL CATERING EQUIPMENT.


Enquiries should now be directed to:
Frank  0438 354 669 -



Who are we?

Rely Culinary Technology are suppliers of commercial and domestic new technology equipment including products such as Pacojet and the ICC range from Spain. Over time the product range has expanded to include, PolyScience equipment, for sous vide cooking, ICB Tecnologie bakery products, RelyVac – vacuum packaging machines, and a suitable range of domestic products for the interested homemaker.

The delivery, service, maintenance and repair of equipment is looked after by Frank Strangio. Frank is trained in repair, support and service of most equipment. Where possible loan machines can be provided for Rely customers. Accounts are managed by Diana and Customer Service by Jenny Anderson. We welcome your enquiries and aim to assist you with these.

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